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  • 11:00: SX NOIR – A Moment of Thotfulness
    • Opening welcome message + Navigating empathy and setting intentions in digital space through radical thotfulness.
    • Social: @sxnoir CashApp: $sxbrat

  • 11:15 LORA HADDOCK DICARLO – Personal Business
    • Contagion, Isolation, Self Love, and Looking at Business and Society Through a Post-COVID Lens
    • loradicarlo.com Company: @LoraDiCarlo_hq Personal: @Lora_DiCarlo
  • 11:30 DR. MARTHA TARA LEE – Sexuality Counseling online for the Sexually Inhibited
    • Relationship Counselor & Clinical Sexologist Dr Martha Tara Lee has experienced a lot of resistance to online sexuality counseling especially when therapy is still relatively unknown. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, some clients have started to opt for online teletherapy. She shares how to support your clients to make this transition, how to encourage them, and what has worked for her.
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  • 11:45 DUCKY DOOLITTLE – Are Sex Toys Essential Goods?
    • Ducky’s years in the industry meant she sold sex toys in the disaster zone during 9/11, she transitioned her successful sex education business though the recession of 2008, and now she leads a large team through this heartbreaking pandemic. She will speak to the value of pleasure products in turbulent times and how a market upset impacts consumers and businesses.  Ducky will talk about how to rise above the grief and safeguard your sexuality work and/or business.
    • https://ko-fi.com/duckydoolittle  @duckydoolittle

  • 12:00 SERENA H CHEN MD – The End of Sex for Human Reproduction
    • For some people today it may be safer to conceive your child in a petri dish than between the sheets. In the very near future this may be true for a majority of people because Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is advancing at a breathtaking pace. The use of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) combined with Pre Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT) and soon Genetic modification could have the power to change the future of the human race. Dr Chen would like all global citizens to understand this power so that we can weigh in on how it will be used – hopefully to prevent disease and suffering and as a force for good. However the potential for abuse and bias exist and cannot be addressed without widespread awareness and education.
    • Twitter &IG: @drserenahchen Facebook: /DrSerenaHChen YouTube: /irmsivf Website: www.drserenahchen.com

  • 12:15 SHAKUN SETHI – How SexTech will redefine the post pandemic sexual behaviour
    • Due to the Coronavirus outbreak there has been a worldwide call for social isolation to stay safe. In such unprecedented times the feeling of loneliness is bound to arise. Need for physical intimacy or sexual activity will certainly get affected. People staying with stable household partners may start feeling the lack of autonomy and singletons cannot risk their lives looking for hook-up opportunities. There are about 77 million people on the top dating websites that is Tinder, Bumble and Grindr and must be many more that surf sexual content online or to buy sex related goods. This is the time where sex-tech community will need to come together and not just be the reliable information provider but also be a frontrunner in offering products and services to help people survive this period of uncertainty and loneliness. My talk will highlight that sex-tech industry needs to work together and understand the important role they can play not only in this tough time where people need guidance about therapy, sexperiments, masturbation techniques, sex toys and other related products but also after, when the world order will change. We as an industry have been future ready for solutions which may be needed in times to come, therefore this is the time to make the ‘need felt’.
    • https://www.linkedin.com/in/sethishakun/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/shaakun  Email: shakun@tickle.life

  • 12:30 ANGELINA ALEKSANDROVICH – The Future of Organizing
    • COVID-19 had a major hit on the event industry, forcing hundreds of businesses to cancel events worldwide. The world is changing and we need to find innovative ways to adapt, survive and thrive. So how can business in the event industry succeed in the current times? In this talk, Angelina, founder of Raspberry Dream Labs, will discuss the effect of COVID-19 on the event industry and the alternative ways how to make the event industry go beyond social distancing and global lockdown. Angelina will talk about her recent first-person experience of taking UNSENSORED talks into VR and hosting a very 1st VR  sex tech panel featuring experts from all over the world and discuss the potential of XR technologies to completely re-define the event industry. F**k social distancing – let’s be together again!
    • SOCIAL: https://www.raspberrydreamlabs.com/ ; https://www.instagram.com/rd_labs/ ; https://twitter.com/r_d_labs ; https://www.facebook.com/raspberrydreamlabs/ ; https://www.patreon.com/rd_labs
      TIPS: https://paypal.me/rdlabs

  • 12:45 ERIN CHEN – Navigating Intimacy for Couples with Kids During Lockdown
    • This talk is for the couples with kids who are trying hard not to drive each other crazy (but you kinda are). Erin Chen, founder & CEO of Gilly, shares 1) How you can help each other manage stress & anxiety in the face of uncertainty while parenting from home, 2) Strategies to come out of this stronger, together and 3) Actions you can take to create connection & help your relationship thrive during lockdown and beyond.
    • https://go.getgilly.com/love-in-lockdown https://www.getgilly.com

    • Your muse since 1994. I sing songs of delusion and joy.
    • @valleylatini

  • 1:15 BLUNT – #FuckEarnIt
    • What is “EARN IT”? The full title is: Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act of 2020 or the “EARN IT Act of 2020”, introduced March 5. A ten minute lightening talk to break down this bill.
    • tips: @mistressblunt social: @mistressblunt

  • 1:30 SARAH BRYNN HOLLIDAY – Abortion Access in the Age of COVID-19
    • Anti-abortion politicians are attempting to exploit the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to end or severely restrict access to abortion care. In this short talk, we’ll discuss how the landscape of abortion rights is rapidly changing due to COVID-19 abortion restrictions, policies our elected officials can enact to expand access to care, and action steps you can take right now to directly advocate for reproductive rights.
    • Venmo: @sarahebh; PayPal: paypal.me/sarahbrynnholliday

      Website: formidablefemme.com Twitter: @SarahBHoll Instagram: @formidablefemme

  • 1:45 BRYONY COLE – How To Get Started In Sextech: Launching a Sextech Company or Career Under Isolation
    • Are you ready for a career change? Maybe you have always been interested in sexuality, or perhaps you’ve had a brilliant idea for a sextech product since you’re spending the majority of days at home? Maybe you’ve been let go from your job or perhaps the global crisis has prompted a change in life. How do you enter the sextech industry? And what should you consider before getting started?
    • @bryonycole @futureofsex

  • 2:00 DIRTY LOLA – The Awakening of Sensuality in Isolation
    • I am offer tips for connecting / reconnecting with your sensual selves during this time of global distress as a way to cope, connect with the world around and be present in your body in a joyful way.
    • Venmo: @DLola Paypal: DirtyLola69@yahoo.com

      Twitter & IG: @dirtylola Web: http://sexedagogo.com/

  • 2:15 NORMA BUSTER – Socially Distanced Dating as a Survivor of Digital Abuse
    • Norma will discuss the effects of the quarantine with regards to dating & relationships, including the ways it can create new opportunities for trauma and retraumatization. She’ll discuss her own experience as well as trends seen at the firm. Overall she wants to leave members feeling optimistic about how we can design and use tech, while being knowledgeable about how it can be weaponized.
    • Twitter: @normabuster, Instagram: @normabuster_, C.A.Goldberg: @cagoldberglaw across all social media
      Tips: Viewers can donate to C.A. Goldberg’s fund for victims who cannot pay for legal fees @cagNYC on Venmo

  • 2:30 ANNIE BROWN & VAL ELEFANTE – Designing A Better Internet For Women And The LGBTQIA+ Community
    • In this session, Lips Founder Annie Brown and Lips Community Manager Val Elefante will explore the academic research, technological innovations and social movements that are creating the space needed to imagine (and build!) a better Internet for women and the LGBTQIA+ community.
    • IG: @lips_zine Twitter: @andreafrancesb FB: /lipsexpress

  • 2:45 SX NOIR – The Future of Digital Companionship
    • Navigating the conversation of the impact of digital intimacy on companionship
    • CashApp: $sxbrat Social: @sxnoir

  • 3:00 AYESHA HUSSAIN – The Porn Revolution
    • Porn is an empathetic, empowering tool – Change my mind
    • venmo: @thevioletbk paypal: thevioletbk@gmail.com social: @theviolet_bk

  • 3:15 JESSIE SAGE – Online Sex Work During the Pandemic
    • With the social distancing of COVID-19 pushing most of our personal and professional interactions online, it is understandable that people outside of sex work believe that the online sex industry must be booming. Online sex work, after all, sits at the intersection of business, technology, and sex, selling safe human contact and intimacy at a time when many people feel an intense lack of both. The reality, however, is quite different. As an online sex worker, I will talk about the ways that my industry has been negatively impacted by the pandemic; discussing factors that range from an over-saturation of the market due to an influx of newcomers, economic anxiety that shapes clients’ spending, and lack of privacy for both workers and clients while sheltering in place with family. I will also discussion why I think that the promise of easy money that many of the porn platforms are promoting is predatory in light of the high social cost and stigma associated with being naked on the internet.
    • Venmo: @jessiesage; Paypal: sapiosages@gmail.com; CashApp: $apiotextual

      Twitter: @sapiotextual; Instagram: @curvaceous_sage

  • 3:30 KEYNOTE: CINDY GALLOP – Why The Pandemic Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Sextech
    • Sextech founders fight huge battles every day to grow their business. So it’s ironic that the battle the entire world is fighting against coronavirus should represent the best business opportunity we’ve ever had. Cindy Gallop, founder & CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn, discusses how adversity drives opportunity, and why the fact the world will never be the same again is very good news for the future of sextech.
    • Subscribe to: https://www.makelovenotporn.com/

      Twitter: @cindygallop @makelovenotporn Instagram: @makelovenotporn @cindygallop YouTube: makelovenotporntv Facebook: /cindy.gallop /mlnp.tv

  • 3:45 Jacq the Stripper – PERFORMANCE
    • Jacqueline Frances is a Canadian stripper, comedian, artist and author.  She lives in Brooklyn with her wife, dog, and plants.
    • @jacqthestripper

* The views and opinions expressed during the WoST Virtual Conference 2020 are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Women of Sex Tech. Any content provided by the speakers are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.