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How does the job submission process work?

  1. Fill out information on job submission page, preview your post and hit submit. 
  2. Job posts are free to the public to post.
  3. Jobs are reviewed by admin to check for validity, spam, and any inappropriate language.
  4. Once approved, job will be listed for 30 days.
  5. Email will be automatically sent to you to create your password so that you can manage your submissions in your dashboard.

What are the recommended guidelines for employers?

By submitting a job on our public job board, you acknowledge that you agree and understand the following guidelines.

  1. The Women of SexTech job board is for equal opportunity employers only.
  2. We encourage the use of inclusive language.
  3. We encourage upfront salary transparency.
  4. We encourage accurate and detailed descriptions of role expectations.
  5. Any job submissions that do not meet the above criteria will be subject to rejection by our admins, and your listing will not be posted.